Boost your Slack panels

Stop switching between apps while working with Slack. Focus on the conversation, keep track in the panel.

Make Slack more powerfull

Slack is built to be productive. But how many times do you switch between apps to check your mails, create a calendar event, or watch your bugtracker?

Slack Panels Extension let you:

  • display any(*) remote website in a side panel;
  • access your panels quickly from the Slack menu;
  • custom panels icon and name.

*: only https websites

Easy add'n'use

Slack Panels Extension comes with an easy in-app panel editor. It is easy to use, and you can adda custom panel quickly.

Just choose a name, an icon and plug an url.

No need to switch to another app, it's built right in a standard Slack panel!

Try it, it's free!


Slack Panels Extension does not need any account, email, and does not store any informations about your usage. All your settings are safely stored in your browser and we never get them.

Moreover, any remote website must be served over Secured HTTP (https).

Panel examples

It's up to you to set any website you want, and only https and your imagination will limit your imagination.

For example, you can set a search engine such as DuckDuckGo to quickly search from Slack!

Start coding your own panels!

Slack Panels Extension comes without any panel. It's up to you to put your owns website in the panels or to build your own webpages.

The few things to know if you want to code your slack panel:

  • Your webpage must be served over https;
  • We do not provide any Slack information (team, user, ...). You have to manage authentification by yourself ;
  • Remember, Slack panels are responsive...

User manual

Slack Panels Extension is really simple to use. Here the few steps if you are lost.

If you find bug, don't success to deal with it or have any extra idea, please feel free to contact us.

Install the extension

How to install Slack Panels Extension?

You can install Slack Panels Extension from the Chrome Market place for free in 2 clicks.

How to add a custom panel?

Slack Panels Extension add an entry in your Slack menu at the end named "Custom panels". Click and it will open your settings: your existing panels and a form to add a new one.
Fill the form with a valid https url, a short name for the menu entry, and an icon.

How to remove a custom panel?

Open the "Custom panels" panel, and click the trash next the entry you want to remove.

How to edit a custom panel?

You cannot. Remove a panel and add a new one.

How can I add many panels to the same remote url?

No, you cannot. But would it make sense?

Does it work with desktop Slack app, Firefox or IE?

Slack Panels Extension is currently only a Chrome extension and does not work with desktop app, firefox or Internet Explorer.

How can I get more help?

See below, we are listening to you!